Home Renovation 101: Wiring


Remodelling your home does not only include tearing down walls and putting them back up again according to its new layout and design. It also involves the wiring network, which is concealed beneath the walls that is needed to bring power and data to your television sets, kitchen appliances, computers, and the like. Installing electric wiring and data cabling systems could be dangerous and would require a professional to do it. However, with proper knowledge, you could do the installing yourself, but proceed with extreme caution. Listed below are some elements you need to know about your home wiring system:

Power points. Power points or electrical outlets are installed around the house where power supply is needed. Wall sockets need to be located throughout the house especially near appliances such as refrigerator, microwave etc. and near your workspace to supply electricity to your computer and other gadgets. Most of the time, a Karalee electrician is to required to install the electrical wiring of your home. This is to prevent accidents caused by faulty wiring, which could lead to house fires. To be safe, it is better to let the professionals handle its installation.

Light fittings. Location of light fittings depends upon the new design and layout of your home. If a certain room requires more illumination, then providing light fittings across the ceiling would help brighten up the room. Another thing you need to consider is that of the other end of the wiring—the light switch. Do you plan to put up a double-way switch for the light by the stairwell—one for downstairs, and one for upstairs? Apart from that, you also have to consider what kind of light to use in certain rooms and locations. Consulting with a lighting designer would help you with all that you need to know about what layout and type of lighting your home needs. Neales Electric offers all that you need when it comes to electrical services. 

Telephone. Telephone wiring is a service provided by your local telephone company. The telephone company sets up an on-premise wiring at your home called a service entrance, which can be extended and distributed throughout the house. Commonly, telephone cabling is installed in the kitchen, bedrooms, office or study for convenience and accessibility.

Internet data. Internet data cabling or data service delivery is connected through either telephone data cabling service or fiber network. Telephone data cabling or ADSL service provides internet data together with landline phone services. The less common (and more expensive) system is the use of fiber connection, which uses fast fiber optic technology in data networks.

Cable television. Cabling for television or cable modems are installed near televisions with cable or Pay TV subscriptions. Fconnector outlets could be placed beside a TV wall mounting, just behind the television set. Deciding where to place television sets allows you to determine where to put cable F connector cable outlets. This way, you could avoid having loose cable wires dangling from the ceiling, and end up with an organized, hidden cable system.